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think Haiti is only what you see in the news? think again.

Haiti offers many experiences you won't find anywhere else, and Dondon offers the best Eco-cultural and Historic destination- including Hiking, and speleotourism- in the North. L'Auberge du Parc is there to coordinate these activities for your group. Fees are added to your total rate for accommodation. All tours and excursions provide job opportunities to local guides, interpreters, and drivers.

Prices for these activities vary greatly, so please contact us directly prior to booking for a quote.

Seedlings at coffee cooperative (3)
Fresh caught and grilled lobster with a Prestige (local beer) on the beach at Labadee
The Citadel
voute a minguet
La Citadel & Sans Souci

A UNESCO Heritage Site, the Citadel is the largest fortress in North America. It sits perched on top of the Bonnet a L'Eveque mountain between Dondon and Milot. It was built from 1805-1820 by self declared king Henri Christophe after a slave revolt gained Haiti's independence from France. It was built to deter future attacks and provide a lookout in the nearby valleys. The Citadel was never actually used, leaving the entire site, including canons and canon-balls, virtually untouched since its construction. Visitors are given an extensive tour by trained, multi-lingual guides, and can choose to hike or ride horses up and down the mountain. It is a must-see and rivals other world renowned sites such as Machu Picchu and the Pyramids with its magnificance, although with the benefit of very few tourists. 

Sans-Souci Palace lies at the bottom of the Citadel and was built as the royal residence of Henri Christophe and his family. Taking influence from its former controller, France, the palace was seen by many to be the Caribbean equivalent of the Palace of Versailles. Since being destroyed by a severe earthquake in 1842 and never rebuilt, tourists have continued to tour the breathtaking ruins. After visiting the Citadel and Sans Souci, visitors can also visit and support local artisan shops at the bottom of the mountain.

Fort Ramiers

Northern Haiti also boasts numerous other ruins of historic forts dating back to the 1700s. Fort Ramiers is on a direct path from Dondon, between it and the Citadel, and is within the site declared as a UNESCO Heritage Site, along with the Citadel and Sans Souci Palace. The fort offers an superb view of the Citadel and the surrounding mountains. Although not as well recognized, it is a fantastic hike and site to explore.


Northern Haiti is the home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean, without the crowds. Instead of enormous hotels, Haiti's beaches jut right up against the beautiful mountains, providing a spectacular backdrop.  These areas are only accessible by boat, and we will coordinate guided travel to these local beaches or even a deserted island! No trip to a Haitian beach is complete without purchasing fresh lobster or fish from local Haitian fisherman, grilled right for you on the beach. 


Dondon holds many caves that tourists are able to explore. Getting to the caves involves hiking through mountains and rivers, offering an incredible view of the landscape and insight into rural Haitian life. In pre-Columbian times, the caves were place of pilgrimage for the native Tainos Indians, and you can still see ancient face carvings at the cave entrances. The caves not only have historic significance, but are spiritual sites for many locals today. 


The mountainous landscape around Dondon contains a beautiful waterfall that can be hiked to. Swimming in the pools below the waterfalls allows you to cool off from your hike in the Caribbean heat. 

Site visits

We can coordinate visits to local site in the area for tours and learning opportunities for visitors. Possible site visits include coffee cooperatives, local churches, and schools.

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