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L'Auberge du Parc

The Auberge ("guesthouse" in French) sits below La Citadel and is currently the only accommodation in Dondon, Haiti. With 21 rooms, 2 dormitories, and space for camping, L'Auberge du Parc is available to provide simple accommodations for groups up to 100 people. Guests are situated in a panoramic environment surrounded by trees and mountains. The Auberge also provides a conference space and an outdoor event space for other special events that can hold 500 people. The Auberge can also be rented for the day for school or other groups while exploring the area. 

L'Auberge du Parc also boasts  a courtyard restaurant opened to the public

L'Auberge du Parc provides job opportunities for the drivers, cooks, housekeepers, and tour guides that accommodate the visitors.  As an outcome, it's ultimate goal is to contribute to the economic sustainable development of Dondon's cultural resources and national heritage.

Our story

The idea of the Auberge ("guesthouse" in French) was inspired from the town's first annual festival in July 2014 instituted by ODID (the Organization for the Integral Development of Dondon) ." With the large amount of visitors that came to celebrate the first festival, it became clear that lodging was an issue and that we needed   accomodatation for the visitors that would continue to come and discover Dondon through ODID's promotion and activities. L'Auberge du Parc was developed to accommodate these visitors and group tours throughout the year.

ODID continues to foster development projects in Dondon to improve the community. If you would like to discuss opportunities to support or partner with ODID, please review its website here and contact us directly

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